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Sunday August 1st 2021

Poverty declines in US by 20% !

?Fascist traitors? attacked US democracy at Capitol on January 6!

MAGA: Mainly the lonely?

(no title)

Americans welcome $300 checks enabled by Advanced Child Tax Credit.

(no title)

?People Are Outraged?: General Strike in Guatemala Denounces Corruption & Mishandling of Pandemic

Anti-BDS Jewish Orgs Back Ben & Jerry?s Ice Cream Sales Ban in Settlements Despite Israeli Pressure

Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of Apparent War Crimes in Gaza Assault; Urges ICC Probe

"This Is Not a Climate Bill": Leah Stokes on Why Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Doesn't Go Far Enough

"We Can't Trust the Unvaccinated": Dr. Leana Wen on Vaccine Mandates & How to Stop the Delta Variant

Workers Beg Joe Manchin to Save West Virginia Pharma Plant as His Daughter Walks Away with $31M

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